Wiadomości Zootechniczne formerly „Biuletynu Informacyjnego”

ISSN: 1731-8068

Wiadomości Zootechniczne is an information review quarterly, publishing scientific and popular science articles. It is a continuation of the “Biuletyn Informacyjny” quarterly published since 1963. After changing its title in 2003, Wiadomości Zootechniczne boasts an attractive design and extensive photographic material.

The journal publishes articles on farm animal genetics, husbandry, breeding, nutrition and reproduction, as well as feed science, and technology and economics of livestock production, with particular emphasis on novelties. Much space is devoted to ecological and environmental issues. The scope also covers agricultural extension and its role under market economy conditions. The journal keeps readers current on the achievements of Polish scientists, interesting conferences, symposia and seminars, as well as the attainments of foreign research centres and their collaboration with Polish counterparts. The journal also publishes thematic and monographic issues, which present collective results of studies addressing specific problems.

The journal performs a useful role in promoting scientific achievements, offering information to young animal scientists, students, and practitioners – breeders, feed manufacturers, and advisors.

All of the published articles are peer-reviewed. Printed version is original.

Each article contains an English summary. Since 2017, the journal’s website also presents selected scientific articles in English. Full text articles are available on-line.

The journal has 7 points in the current parametric evaluation by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Indexed by: PBN, Agro, Arianta, ePNP, Index Copernicus